The Return

The Return is the percentage of the ticket purchase prize that goes back to the players.

Actual Return over the last 12 months, to be published 31 December 2012:

Total prizes, commissions and bonuses* awarded, anticipated:

70.0 %

* = Including distributions to the Jackpot

This can be returned as a prize, a commission, or a bonus. Which part of your ticket purchase amount is distributed back to the players and how is explained her under. The total return over the last 12 months is constantly updated after every bingo game event and is published here as well.

What goes where?:

Ticket purchase prize

1/12 or 8,33%= Commission to inviting Win Partner
1/12 or 8,33%= Part for the World Pot
1/12 or 8,33%= Part for 4 Continental Pots
45,00%= Part for 12 Regional Pots

All Pot amounts are divided into the Pot Prizes (shown as the Pot Value on the website) and the Bonus Reserve. The bonus reserve is 12% of the pot values and will be distributed to the Win Partners of the winners using the next schedule:

6% of the prize value for 1st level Win Partners
4% of the prize value for 2nd level Win Partners
2% of the prize value for 3rd level Win Partners

Commission and Bonus that is not distributed to Win Partners (when players have registered directly) will go to the Jackpot. The Jackpot Game Events is organised annually, and 50% of the total Jackpot value goes to our dedicated charity the WWF.

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