Terms and Conditions

TWLV strives to be transparent; therefore we make our Terms and Conditions readable.

1 Introduction

1.1 The Agreement:

1.1.1These Terms and Conditions, our Privacy Policy, the Game Rules, the Terms and Conditions for the processing of cash transactions, as well as any other statements, details, rules, policies, conditions and provisions relating to the Games, products and services provided by us published on the Website www.TWLV.com (collectively the "Agreement") are to be read in their entirety by you (the "User" or "you" the User or viewer of our Website www.twlv.com ). This Agreement is a legally binding agreement between you and TWLV Gaming Limited a company incorporated in the Isle of Man with company number 126124C, and having it's registered office address at First Floor, Millenium House, Victoria Road, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM2 4RW (hereinafter referred to as "TWLV", "we", "us" or "our"), which owns and operates the Website www.twlv.com (the "Website").
1.1.2By registering as a User, and by using the Website, however you access it, you agree to the Terms and Conditions set out in this Agreement. If you do not agree to or comply with the terms of this Agreement, please do not use the Website.

1.2 Definition of terms used:

Unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, the following words and terms shall have the following meanings:

"Agreement"these Terms and Conditions, our Privacy Policy, the Game Rules, the Terms and Conditions for the processing of cash transactions of Users, as well as any other statements, details, rules, policies, conditions and provisions relating to the Games, products and services provided by us published on the Website.
"Card(s)"a virtual Bingo card bearing the Matrix of numbers necessary to play TWLV Bingo.
"Bingo Game"means the whole arrangement involving the purchase of Cards, the Drawing of number(s) by the Random Number Generator, the manual or automatic daubing of numbers on Cards, the Claim by winning Users and the calculation and Payout of winnings.
"TWLV Bingo"same as "Bingo Game".
"Bingo Game Event"means the actual event whereby a Pot is divided into Prizes, each consecutively awarded by a separate Bingo Game.
"E-mail Address"means an E-mail address that identifies an E-mail box to which E-mail messages are delivered.
"Free Play Account"means an Account held by TWLV for the User, used to deposit Commissions or Free Play credits; the balance can only be used by the User to purchase Cards or play Games on the TWLV Website, this is not a cash Account from which real money can be withdrawn.
"Games"means TWLV Bingo and other Games available on the Website.
"Login Information"means the User's E-mail Address and Password.
"Password"means a secret word or string of characters that is used for authentication, to prove identity or gain access to a resource.
"Prize"means the amount awarded to a User in a Bingo Game.
"Ring Fenced Account"means a segregated and guaranteed protection-based Real Money Account for transfer of assets from one destination to another, or placements of funds, that may only be used for a previously specified purpose.
"Self Exclusion"means that a User excludes their use of the Service for a certain period.
"Service"means the Website and the Games provided on the Website by us.
"Trade marks"means terms "TWLV", "12" and all other trade marks, service marks and/or trade names used by TWLV on the Website.
"TWLV"means TWLV Gaming Limited (hereinafter referred to as "TWLV", "we", "us" or "our" or "TWLV"), a company incorporated in the Isle of Man, company number 126124C, and having its registered office address at First Floor, Millenium House, Victoria Road, Douglas, Isle of Man.
"User"means "User" or "you", the User or viewer of the Website.
"Direct User"means a User registering on their own initiative, not via an invitation generated by an existing User.
"Indirect User"means a User registering by accepting an invitation generated by an existing User.
"Win Partner"means a User registering via an invitation proffered through the Website by another registered User under the set conditions, accepting the invitation by registering within 12 days after the invitation is sent.
"Active User"means a registered User holding a Real Money Account, and actively playing TWLV within the last 90 days.
"User Account"means all User registration data, personal information and settings, Login information, Real Money Account and Free Play Account information, accessible on the Website.
"Website Content"means the Website including but not limited to software, images, photographs, graphics, animations, videos, music, audio and text.
"Website"The website www.twlv.com.

In this Agreement, references to the singular shall include references to the plural and vice versa. Headings are for convenience only and shall not affect interpretation. References to the masculine shall include references to the feminine and vice versa. References to legislation shall include refer-ences to that legislation as amended from time to time and shall include references to secondary legislation made thereunder.

2 General Terms and Conditions

2.1 Licensing/intellectual Property

2.1.1Subject to the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement TWLV grants the User a non-exclusive, revocable, personal and non-transferable right to use the Website, and to play the available Games.
2.1.2 The Website, the Website Content, the software code, structure and construction of the Website, as well as the brand name TWLV and the logos on the Website, the Trademarks and the Game principles are protected by copyright, trade marks, intellectual property rights and other rights and are and shall remain the exclusive property of TWLV. You may not:

  • Copy the Website and software or distribute, publish, share, analyse, adapt or translate or attempt to access the source code, to create products derived from, through or from the source code or the software, or otherwise;
  • Sell the Website, Games, ideas or software, transfer the property, sub licence, distribute or lease it;
  • Make the Website Games and software available to any third party via a computer network or any other method;
  • Export the Website software to a country (physical or electronic) without prior written permission from TWLV; or
  • Use the Website and software in a manner prohibited by applicable laws and regulations, (each of the above cases constitutes "Unauthorised Use").
2.1.3You hereby acknowledge that by using the Service and/or the Website you obtain no rights to the Website Content or any part thereof.

2.2 Organisation

2.2.1TWLV organizes Games under licence of the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, which can be contacted at [ http://www.gov.im/gambling ].

2.3 Requirements for Participation

2.3.1 Participation in the TWLV offered Games is open to people aged 18 years and older, but is at the sole discretion of TWLV and is not for use by

(i) persons who are under 18 years old,
(ii) persons who are underage to participate in online gambling in their country of residence, and
(iii) persons who connect to the Website from territories where online gambling is forbidden by law.

TWLV is not able to control the legality of its products and services in every country, and it is therefore the responsibility of the User to do so. It is the sole responsibility of the User to ensure that their activities via the Website are legal in their own jurisdiction.
2.3.2TWLV reserves the right to amend this Agreement at any time. Any amendments will be stated clearly to all Users on the Website. Continued use of the Website will be deemed to be the User's acceptance of the amendments to this Agreement. By accepting this Agreement you declare that you understand and accept that TWLV is unable to give any legal advice or assurance and that it is your own responsibility to ensure that you meet the conditions and requirements set by the legislation under which you fall, and that you can legally participate in the Service offered by TWLV. Use of TWLV's Service is your own choice, and is solely at your own risk. By using the Service you acknowledge that you find it in no way offensive, objectionable, unfair, or indecent.
2.3.3There is a support contact box for filing any queries or comments that the TWLV support team will respond to within an average response time that is indicated on the Website.

2.4 Conditions for Participation via the Internet

2.4.1TWLV asks intended Users to supply certain information to TWLV during the registration process which will assist TWLV in determining whether or not the intended User meets the criteria set out above and is eligible to play the Games. This information may include, but is not limited to, an intending User's: name, address details, date of birth, gender, E-mail address, country of residence and nationality. Participation is only possible after full and true declaration of the requested data.
2.4.2The Service is solely intended for personal use by the User. On registration a User receives a personal User Account. Each User can and may only register once. A User cannot hold more than one User Account at TWLV, nor are they permitted to allow a third person to use the Service via their User Account.
2.4.3The User is responsible for the proper registration for participation. TWLV has the right to check the correctness of the information supplied by the User. The User may not rely on the fact that TWLV, or third parties who are asked by TWLV to do so, have checked the correctness of the information completely or have failed to do so. If a User has falsely stated to be 18 years or older this User will be excluded from further participation.
2.4.4Participation is only possible via registration, stating the Users correct country of residence. TWLV has the right to ask the User for evidence to verify the data. This could include but is not limited to a copy of (photo-) identification, utility bills and bank statements (not older than 3 months) that indicate the home address.
2.4.5A Password is required in order to participate in TWLV activities. TWLV stipulates the conditions for the provision, use and replacement of such Password.
2.4.6TWLV allows the User to obtain a confirmation of the registration of participation via the Internet at request.
2.4.7TWLV can limit the value of deposits on the Users Real Money Account per week or per other period. Credits relating to Bonuses, Commissions and Prizes, are hereby excluded.
2.4.8Users may begin to play Games as soon as their User Account has been opened. If TWLV subsequently discovers that a User was not or is no longer eligible to open a User Account, TWLV reserves the right to take all appropriate steps in relation to that User and their User Account (in-cluding, without limitation, suspending or terminating that Account, and investigating any security issues).
2.4.9The User can, in the settings of the User Account (via "Self-exclusion") exclude (block) their own use of the Service for a certain period. The User cannot log in to their User Account or play Games on the Website during that period. For self-exclusion a User can opt for a one-week exclusion (Can only be set twice, where after only a 6 month exclusion option is available) or a self-exclusion of 6 months. The six-month period can be used as many times as required.
2.4.10Payment for Card(s) purchased or for participation in any other Games offered on the Website is immediate and irrevocable. Users deposit funds to their Real Money Account, which is a ring-fenced Account, from which payment for Card purchase is made directly by means of transfer from the Real Money Account to TWLV. The User can make deposits to their Real Money Account by using the payment methods offered on the Website. If payment of a Card purchase is not complete or has not irrevocably taken place, for instance because there are not enough funds available on the Real Money Account or there is a delay due to the chosen payment method (i.e. cheque by mail), it is not possible to participate (until the full amount has been received by TWLV). In this case the transaction will be void, and no Prizes can be claimed. Cards purchased by Users are not refundable or transferable.
2.4.11Claimed Prizes and any refundable deposits will be added to a balance held for the User on their Real Money Account, unless otherwise decided by TWLV.
2.4.12The User may withdraw the balance held by TWLV on their Real Money Account. Where the User wishes to withdraw the entire balance of their Real Money Account they will close their User Account. Reimbursement can only be made to a bank Account held by the registered User at TWLV. The User can choose the means of withdrawal from the withdrawal options and methods offered on the Website. TWLV determines the other conditions for the use and refund of the balance.
2.4.13TWLV has the right to verify payments (withdrawals) before they are executed. When payments (withdrawals) to Users concern an amount equal to or exceeding 3,000 euro TWLV (or consist of a series of payments that in aggregate equal or exceed 3,000 euro within a 30 day period) will always perform this verification and the User will be unable to participate in further Games until the verification is completed satisfactorily.
2.4.14Besides the balance referred to in paragraph 2.4.11 of this Agreement, TWLV can hold a credit for the User on a Free Play Account for deposit of Commissions or other Free Play credit. The balance or credit on this Free Play Account can solely be used for the purchase of Cards on the Website, and cannot be withdrawn or transferred to the Real Money Account or any other Account of the User, or in any other way be collected, transferred or paid out.
2.4.15If a User, for whom TWLV holds a balance, does not play actively for a period of at least 90 days, this User will be notified by E-mail by TWLV. The User can choose whether he/she wants to remain an Active User (in which case User has to buy at least one (1) Card within the next 30 days) or stay registered as an inactive User. TWLV can charge a monthly fee equal to 5 GBP for inactive registered Users (Inactive User Fee). If the balance of the User is insufficient TWLV reserves the right to end the registration (For more information see the Inactive User Fee policy).
2.4.16Deposits to the Real Money Account, for; participation, payments and buying Cards, and payment of Prizes and funds to Users are made in Euros, U.S. Dollars, or British Pounds depending on the preference of the User. The User selects in which currency the Real Money Account is held at the time of registration.
2.4.17All Card prices and costs, Prizes, Bonuses and Commissions and transfers to and from the Free Play Account of the User are made in GBP. If the User wishes amounts to be shown on the Website in U.S. Dollars, Euros or other currencies then the User can choose these preferences from the optional settings offered on the Website.
2.4.18All currency formats on the Website other than the GBP are a conversion from GBP to the currency concerned, for which currency conversion software is used and conversions are performed on a daily basis. Users should be aware that currency fluctuations might occur between the GBP and other currencies shown due to variations in the exchange rate.
2.4.19TWLV is entitled to charge a reasonable fee for currency conversion.
2.4.20If Users are Inactive for a period of three years or more, and registration is not ended as referred to in art. 2.17 they are notified by E-mail. The User can indicate whether to maintain their registration or to withdraw the balance held on their Real Money Account. If no response is received by TWLV, TWLV will hold the balance for at least another year where after it is void and shall automatically become the property of TWLV.
2.4.21In the case of a User being declared bankrupt or insane or deceases or is otherwise incapacitated and therefore unable to collect or withdraw funds and or credits, their balance on the Real Money Account will be held for a maximum period of three (3) years after inactivity of the User Account, until legal successors claim it after producing legalized original documents, to be verified by TWLV or the User is in a position to claim the balance themselves.

2.5 Prohibited Use

2.5.1As part of TWLV's gaming licence and in line with anti-money laundering legislation and guidelines, Users should be aware that they will be required to present personal documents (such as a government-issued ID, bank statements and utility bills) in order to process their financial transaction(s). This enables TWLV to protect Users and protects TWLV against being used as a vehicle for money laundering or fraud. TWLV retains the right to use third party agencies to identify and/or verify the identity of any User.
2.5.2 Fraudulent conduct; if TWLV considers a User, while using the Service, to be fraudulent, unlawful, dishonest or engaging in improper activity, or has, or attempted to, manipulate a Game, including but not limited to deployment of the activities listed above or any other, or providing a fraudulent payment, including but not limited to using a stolen credit card, a refund or fraudulent money laundering, then TWLV has the right to take any action that it considers appropriate including but not limited to:

  • Immediately blocking access to the Service and the User Account;
  • The termination of the User's Account at TWLV;
  • The seizure of all the money in the User's Account at TWLV;
  • Providing the information (including the identity of the User) to financial institutions, relevant authorities and/or persons or organisations that have legal right to that information;
  • Taking legal action against such User.

2.6 Secrecy of the Game

2.6.1The names of the winning Users will only be made public, and/or published or communicated with the Users express consent, unless under a legal obligation.

2.7 Validity and Accountability

2.7.1Participation is valid after at least one (1) Card is purchased via the Website, under the conditions that the participation and registration of the User is accepted and the purchase is paid in full.
2.7.2Participation in the Games offered by TWLV is only valid linked to the information of the User as registered in the central computer (servers) of TWLV. In the event that the data stored in the central computer differs from the actual data, TWLV reserves the right to refuse pay out of Prizes or transfer of any funds held in the User's Account. TWLV has no obligation to pay any Prizes, Commissions or Bonuses if the User consciously or unconsciously has not checked if their data was stated and specified correctly while registering.
2.7.3In case of (a reasonable suspicion of) fraud or abuse TWLV reserves the right to refuse data entered by the User or to invalidate participation.
2.7.4TWLV is not liable for damages in connection with or resulting from error in the data transmission and/or the transfer of information via data transmission to the central computer, or by any other method of information transfer.

2.8 Bingo Game using the RNG (random number generator)

2.8.1The randomness of the order in which Bingo numbers are drawn is guaranteed by using an approved and certified Random Number Generator (RNG) from Quantis. The Bingo Games will take place according to the dates and times published on the Website. The QUANTIS RNG has been evaluated and certified by the Swiss Federal Office of Metrology (also known as METAS), the Swiss national organization in charge of measurement science, testing and compliance. It confirmed that the quality of its random output complies with the highest requirements.
2.8.2TWLV is entitled to publish, after any Bingo Game is complete, the winning card numbers and the amount of winners per Game, without publishing names or other data connected to the User(s) concerned. The Bingo Game numbers will also be published on the Website for verification by User(s).

2.9 Payment of prizes

2.9.1TWLV does not award Free Play opportunities, free Cards or Commissions in cash, or as balance to the Real Money Account or otherwise. All Free Play opportunities, free Cards or Commissions will be deposited to the Free Play Account, available for purchasing Cards or playing Games on the website.
2.9.2Prizes, Bonuses and combinations of these equal to 3.000 Euros or less will be transferred to the Real Money Account of the User and can at the request of the User, on demand be withdrawn and transferred to a specified bank Account belonging to them. If the amount to be deposited exceeds 3.000 Euros TWLV must verify at least proof of identification, and address. Transfers will only be made to the actual country and place of residency.
2.9.3Requests for payment of the balance held on the User's Real Money Account will be made, subject to verification requirements, no more than 31 days after the request is made by the User.
2.9.4Payment of a Prize or combination of Prizes or balance claimed of more than 3.000 Euros be made no later than 31 days after the requisition, however regulations require extra verifications and the inspecting department has the right to postpone the payment in connection with a dispute or discrepancy or pending request for more personal data and information.
2.9.5The User is liable for the accuracy and completeness of information given at registration. If, during verification, information turns out to be incorrect or incomplete, or gives rise to suspicions of abuse or fraud, TWLV reserves the right to refuse or delay payment.
2.9.6Payment of a Prize or combination of Prizes transferred to the Real Money Account of the User and not withdrawn by User, remain available to the User to; participate in new Games, purchase Cards and for future Bingo Games in compliance with TWLV Terms and Conditions.
2.9.7The User can withdraw the balance on their Real Money Account choosing one of the payment methods offered on the Website. TWLV reserves the right to apply additional criteria to determine which payment methods may be offered to the User(s) at any time.

2.10 Security and your User Account

2.10.1Each User Account is accessible by means of a combination of a unique E-mail address, and a unique and secret Password for authenticity selected by the User. The User is obliged to use their personal E-mail Address and Password.
2.10.2The User agrees that they are solely responsible for all use of the Service under their credentials and for the secrecy of their Login Information.
2.10.3The User is obliged to keep their login details secret and confidential, and to respect all possible diligence in order to protect the secrecy and confidentiality. The unauthorized use of the login data is the responsibility of the User.
2.10.4The balance held for the User on their TWLV Real Money Account and Free Play Account will not; generate, provide or give right to interest for the User.
2.10.5It is not possible to buy Cards for an amount higher than the balance on your Real Money Account and Free Play Account individually or combined.
2.10.6The User is fully responsible for payment of all amounts due to TWLV. The User agrees not to return deposits, to reverse or refuse payments for Services. Any reversed payments outstanding payments and/or costs relating hereto will be reimbursed by the User.
2.10.7TWLV reserves the right to verify credibility and identity with credit reporting agencies and/or other agencies using the data supplied to TWLV by the User at registration. These agencies may record this data but not use it for any other purpose.
2.10.8TWLV reserves the right to use third party electronic payment processors and/or financial institutions for processing payment transactions by and to the User, as a result of use of the Service. However TWLV is not liable for any acts and/or omissions of these third parties.
2.10.9The User acknowledges and agrees that money deposited to the Users Real Money Account is held on the Users behalf by TWLV in a "ring fenced Account".

2.11 Reclamation

2.11.1Complaints about the failure to award a Prize to the User must be submitted to TWLV in writing within thirty (30) days from the awarding of Prizes for the Game or Bingo Game concerned.
2.11.2In the event that the term stated in paragraph 2.11.1 of this Article has been exceeded, the reclamation is not admissible and not binding.
2.11.3Any User complaints concerning reclamations will be answered within six weeks.
2.11.4For details concerning notification please see art. 6.3 Notification.

2.12 Cancellation

2.12.1TWLV is entitled to cancel or postpone any Bingo Game, if convinced that the proper conduct thereof is likely to be compromised. This decision will be published and communicated as soon as possible before the scheduled start or before the conclusion of the event to be notified to the inspecting department. The Bingo Game will be deferred. Cards already purchased will be valid for the deferred Bingo Game.

2.13 Non-compliance

2.13.1If a User does not meet a provision, wholly or partly, of this Agreement, TWLV reserves - without prejudice to any other rights - the right to execute whatever action it deems appropriate, including the termination of this Agreement with immediate effect, blocking User access to the Service, terminating the User's Account at TWLV, the seizure of all balances of the relevant TWLV Game and Real Money Account and/or taking legal action against such User.
2.13.2 The User agrees to hold TWLV and its directors, employees and agents completely blameless, and to hold TWLV, its directors, employees and agents harmless from and against all claims, demands, liabilities, damages, losses, costs and expenses, including legal fees and any other expenses whatsoever, howsoever caused, that may be incurred or suffered by TWLV, its employees or agents, which may arise in any way from:

  • The Users total or partial non-compliance with this Agreement;
  • The Users violation of any law or violation of third party rights;
  • The Users use of the Service or use by others who access the Service using the Users Login Information, with or without the User's consent.

2.14 Liability

2.14.1TWLV can only be held liable for damages that are caused, after the registration in computer systems used by TWLV for computer Games offered and used by TWLV, by gross negligence by TWLV.
2.14.2For loss of information during the data transmission or information lost otherwise, as well as damage from criminal acts of third parties, liability is excluded. Also TWLV cannot be held liable for damage caused by theft, fire, water, strikes and unrest at home and abroad and other similar circumstances. In these cases, a request for refund of the deposit can be submitted.

2.15 Jurisdiction/Unforeseen circumstances

2.15.1To offer, maintain and close User Accounts at TWLV remains the sole discretion of TWLV. Decisions of TWLV's management on certain aspects of a User Account, the use of the Service or the settlement of a dispute are binding and cannot be subject to review or appeal.
2.15.2 TWLV shall not in any circumstances be liable for any loss of whatever nature, including, without limitation, loss of profits, indirect, special or consequential loss, suffered or incurred by any User, any claimant or any other person arising from the withdrawal of any Game on the Website or from the participation or non-participation of any person in any Game on the Website, including the loss, for whatever reason, of the chance to participate in such Game. In particular, but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, TWLV shall not be liable to any person:

  • for any event beyond TWLV's reasonable control including, but without limitation, any act of war, strike, lockout, industrial action, fire, flood, drought, tempest, power cut and/or failure or obstruction of any network, broadcasting or telecommunications service;
  • for the failure of, or damage or destruction to, or any errors caused by the computer systems or records of TWLV or any third party (including, without limitation, the Website, and/or the central computer system), or any part of any of the foregoing;
  • for delays, losses, errors or omissions in or made by the postal or other delivery service or by the banking system;
  • for any other action or event which prevents or hinders the issue of a valid Card;
  • for the refusal to sell a Card to any person or to allow any person to play a Game on the Website;
  • for any losses caused by Users including misuse or unauthorized use of Passwords or mobiles, money lost by playing the Games on the Website and failure or malfunction of the equipment or technology of the User or his internet service provider, or (mobile) network operator.

2.16 Your Declarations and Warranties

Prior to your use of the Service, the User declares and warrants that:
2.16.1The User acknowledges that the User may lose money, using the Service of TWLV, and that TWLV bears no responsibility, for such a loss, to the User;
2.16.2The User uses the Service according to their own judgement and at the Users choice, at the Users discretion and the Users risk;
2.16.3Benefiting from our Service the User is required to provide certain personal information about the User to us (including details regarding and relating to the Users payment). Management of the information the User provides is covered by our Privacy Policy;
2.16.4The User is solely responsible for applicable taxes on any Prizes paid and or due to the User; and
2.16.5The User is solely responsible for the telecommunications networks and Internet access services that the User requires to gain access to the Service provided. We bear no responsibility for any shortcomings.

2.17 Closing/termination of a User Account

2.17.1User can terminate a User Account if no more Cards are allocated to this User Account for participation in the Bingo Games and or a Win Partners Bonus is no longer capable of being earned because the User is no longer actively playing. User may then withdraw all balance from the Real Money Account and request the closure of the User Account by a letter or E-mail or call using the contact information given under 'Contact' on the Website. TWLV will process the application directly and close the User Account. NOTE: The balance on the Free Play Account may only be used for purchase of Cards on the Website, and any credit at the time of closing/end lapses to TWLV.
2.17.2TWLV may close an Account, which does not mean the Terms and Conditions automatically terminate. Any limitations to TWLV's liabilities as foreseen will remain applicable.
2.17.3We take Responsible Gaming seriously. If you want to close your User Account for reasons related to Responsible Gaming, please send an E-mail to clarify this and we will close the User Account directly.
2.17.4If you are in violation of any provisions set out in this Agreement TWLV is entitled to close/end your User Account.

2.18 Participation by payment in arrears

Terms of agreement for participating by direct debiting-, recurring payment-, or automatic collection.

Participating by payment in arrears
TWLV may offer participants the service to purchase tickets, which are paid in arrears by direct debiting- or recurring payment- or automatic collection agreement. In the situation where TWLV offers these services and the participant accepts these services the following terms and conditions apply.

1. General principles
a. The personal data required for these participations can be collected by and submitted to TWLV Gaming limited by means of software that is especially suitable for this purpose in case of registration through the internet.
b. For the participation with the tickets in the TWLV Bingo game events the TWLV terms and conditions, as published on www.twlv.com, apply which the participants agree to and declare to have read and understood.

2. Obligations of the participants
a. Obligations to pay: The participant is obliged to pay through the authorisation for automatic collection or by a timely money transfer to the beneficiary TWLV. Before activating your account a test payment is performed. These are administrative expenses and will not be refunded when your subscription is cancelled.
b. Progression: The participant should pay the contribution in advance in the mode of payment that has been agreed upon.
c. Authorisation for Direct Debit: In general, the participant obliges himself or herself by telephone to pay the agreed contribution through an authorisation for direct debit, which will expire in case of termination of the subscription.
d. Obligation of collection: In the case of an authorisation for automatic collection, the participant is obliged to take care of the collection of the withdrawal. This means that the balance on the account should be sufficient. Besides, the participant should not instruct the bank in any way which may or will result in a non-collectable transfer for TWLV, and that the collection should be granted in the way agreed upon. Violation of one of these obligations of collection does not release the participant of the valid obligation of payment, which tehn needs to be made to TWLV through a money transfer.
e. Correct personal data: The participant is responsible for the accuracy of the personal data collected by TWLV, especially the bank information, and this information will be confirmed by email. If this information proves to be false, or should be edited, TWLV needs to be informed immediately.
In case of violation of the mentioned obligations by the participant, all resulting costs should be paid by the participant to TWLV.

3. Conditions for the participation
The participation assumes acknowledgement of these conditions of participations. Furthermore, participant needs to have age of majority and be at least 18 or older at the time of the subscription for participation. The participant provides TWLV with a mandate for the issue of a declaration of intent. The participant also agrees the submitted personal data is provided for the objective of registration and participating in the TWLV bingo game events.

4. Revocation and termination
a. Revocation: The participant can revoke the registration with TWLV without stating reasons for two weeks after receiving these condition - per email support@twlv.com (24/7), or in writing at 13 Mill street, Top floor Unity Wharf, SE1 2 BH London, UK. TWLV Gaming limited also reserves the right to decline the participation during two weeks after the registration without stating reasons. After that, the regular participation will start, which will not be confirmed separately.
b. Termination: A so-called customary termination is possible at any time, up until four weeks prior to the end of the agreed duration of the agreement or the tickets purchased during the initial purchase subject to the agreement. A so-called unusual termination is always possible if based on weighty grounds. In case of termination, the participant cannot demand a reimbursement of the contributions for products and services including tickets, were already delivered. In case of a telephonic revocation or termination, the telephone date is decisive. In case of a written revocation or termination, the date on the postmark is decisive.

5. Duration of the agreement
The duration of the agreement is focused on the period of participation that has been decided upon earlier, for example one year. If no termination by the participant is received with the term according to point 4 of these terms and conditions, and no special agreements have been made, then the agreement will be prolonged under the same terms and conditions, for the same period of time, however no longer than one year.

6. Change in terms and conditions
Changes in the terms and conditions of the participation or subject of this agreement take effect when the participant has been notified by letter or email, and when the participant has not objected letter or email within four weeks after the announcement of the changes.

7. Salvatorian clause
If one or more conditions in these terms and conditions are no longer entirely or partly applicable, all other conditions in these terms and conditions remain in effect, as will the terms and conditions published on the website www.twlv.com. In stead of the condition no longer applicable, a condition will become applicable that, according to the parties most resembles the desired condition.

These terms and conditions are an addition to the www.twlv.com terms and conditions for the purpose of participating by direct debit- recurring payment- or automatic collection agreement.

3 TWLV Game Rules

3.1 Real Money Account and Free Play Account

Upon completion of registration two Accounts are assigned to the User. These are The Real Money Account and the Free Play Account.

3.1.1 The Real Money Account Real Money Account is a protected, ring fenced Account; a User can deposit money into this Account or withdraw money from it using the various payment methods offered on the Website (see also Conditions for participation via the internet). The User is the sole owner of this Account, and may claim the balance, or a part thereof, at any time. Real Money Account is used for purchasing Cards and to credit awarded Prizes and Bonuses. The Real Money Account can only be used in relation to Games organized by TWLV and Services offered on the Website, and may not be used for any other purpose. Real Money Account can be accessed and displayed at all times via the User Account using the private Username and Password.

3.1.2 The Free Play Account Free Play Account is used to transfer Commissions and other Free Play credits. Funds on this Account can only be used for buying Cards and or playing Games organized on the Website by TWLV. The User cannot deposit and/ or withdraw funds to and/or from the Free Play Account. purchasing Cards TWLV will first, automatically, deduct the requested amount from the funds on the Free Play Account before using the funds on the Real Money Account (in the event that credit on the Free Play Account is not sufficient for full payment). Free Play Account can be accessed and displayed at all times via the User Account using the private Username and Password.

3.2 Register and buy a Card

3.2.1A User who wishes to participate in the TWLV Bingo Games must register via the Website and purchase at least one (1) Card. The User will need to decide which Region he wishes to play in. The times of each Game vary according to the time zones of each Region. A timer will be running down that shows when the next Game will take place.
3.2.2To play simply use the daubing tool or click on auto daub to cover each number as it is called. Each Card shows a unique Matrix of 24 numbers and the first person(s) to get a full house by covering all the numbers in their Matrix can claim a Prize.
3.2.3To claim, a User clicks the "Claim Bingo" button. Users can also use auto-play so that a claim is made automatically on their behalf. This is the default setting and you will need to click on "Claim Bingo" in order to call house yourself.
3.2.4A claim will be effectuated after 12 minutes. As it may occur that more Users have matched all the numbers on their Cards simultaneously, it may be wiser to call house live as first claim wins! When more than one Card wins and all winning cards are set to auto-play, the system will claim after 12 minutes for all of them. This will trigger a new Bingo Draw amongst the winnings cards.

3.3 Regions, Bingo Game Events and Cards;

3.3.1The TWLV World is divided into 24 Regions in 6 continents, each with its own Bingo Game Event, and every Card that is purchased is a Regional Card (see article 3.4) that can be designated to the Region of choice. Each Card can be designated once, and will play only for Bingo Game Events in the designated Region. Buying more Cards will give you the option to play multiple Bingo Game Events or play with more Card numbers for the same Bingo Game Event, and can also award you with free Cards for Continental and World Bingo Game Events (see conditions further in this provision).

3.4 A Regional Card, a Regional Bingo Game Event

3.4.1Each Card plays for the Bingo Game Event in the Region to which it is designated or selected by the User. In total, the User can choose from 24 different Regions (see table below). The size of Prizes and number of Cards sold (playing) for every Bingo Game may vary by Region.
3.4.2Each Regional Card costs an amount equivalent to 12 GBP, and is valid for twelve (12) consecutive monthly Bingo Draw events including 60 Bingo Games in one (1) designated Region, commencing on the first Bing Game Event following the fully completed purchase transaction. Regional Bingo Draw events are organized monthly; the exact date and time will be announced on the Website.
3.4.3For each Regional Card, the User can invite 12 (twelve) new Friends who are not yet TWLV Users.
3.4.4The number of Regional Cards a User can purchase is unlimited.

3.5 A Continental Card, a Continental Bingo Game Event

3.5.1For every 4 (Regional) Cards a User buys during one (1) purchase transaction, the User receives a complimentary Continental Card. The TWLV World is divided into 6 Continents (see table below) and every Continental Card can be designated to the Continent of choice. Each Card can only be designated once, and will play for every Bingo Game in the designated continent. The size of Prizes and number of Cards sold (playing) for every Bingo Game may vary by continent.
3.5.2Each Continental Card is valid and plays for four (4) consecutive quarterly Bingo Game Events in one designated continent. Bingo Game Events are organized quarterly; the exact date and time of each Bingo Game will be announced on the Site.
3.5.3If the number of Regional Cards purchased is not divisible by four (4), the least number of possible divisions by four (4) is used to determine the number of complimentary Continental Cards granted. (For example, a User purchased seventeen (17) Cards to Regional. The User receives, in addition to seventeen (17) Regional Cards, four (4) Continental Cards).
3.5.4For each Continental Card, the User can invite 12 new Friends.

3.6 A World Card, a global Bingo Game Event

3.6.1For every sixteen (16) (Regional) Cards a User buys during one (1) purchase transaction, the User receives one (1) complimentary World Card in addition to four (4) complimentary Continental Cards. Each World Card plays for the annual Bingo Game Event of the World Pot. There is only one World Game Event. The World Pot Bingo Games take place every calendar year in December, the exact date and time of each Bingo Game will be announced on the Website.
3.6.2If the number of purchased Regional Cards is not divisible by sixteen (16), the fewest possible divisions by sixteen (16) is used to determine the number of complimentary World Cards granted (For example, a User purchased seventeen (17) Regional Cards. The User receives four (4) compli-mentary Continental Cards, and one (1) World Card, in addition to seventeen (17) Regional Cards).
3.6.3For each World Card, the User can invite 12 new Friends.

3.7 Card sales

3.7.1Continental Cards and World Cards cannot be purchased. They are free and are awarded complimentary to purchases of a specific number of Regional Cards as set out above.
3.7.2(The number of) Cards bought in the past will not be taken into Account for allocation of complimentary (Continental and World) Cards.
3.7.3Cards sales per Bingo Game Event stop twelve (12) minutes before each related Bingo Game Event.

3.8 The Jackpot Bingo Game Event

3.8.1Besides the previously mentioned Bingo Game Events and Bingo Games there will be at least one Jackpot Bingo Game Event annually. Bingo Games for The Jackpot will be held among all Regional Cards purchased in the period of one year (12 months). The date and time of each Jackpot Bingo Game will be announced on the Website.
3.8.2Separate Jackpot Cards cannot be purchased. Every Regional Card, identified by its unique number, is also valid as a Jackpot Card.
3.8.3(More information about the Jackpot can be found in article 4.4 The Jackpot)
3.8.4Table Regions and Continents used for the Game play are set out in the Appendix to this Agreement. All countries in the World are assigned to a Region.

4 Commissions and Bonuses

4.1 The Commission

4.1.1The Commission is the amount paid to the User in reward for introducing a new User by inviting a Friend that registers within twelve (12) days after the User purchases a Card and under the conditions set out by TWLV. To be eligible for a Commission in the affiliate program the following conditions must be met: receive the Commission the new User must be invited directly by the User wishing to receive the Commission; new User must register and complete at least one successful purchase transaction within twelve (12) days after the purchase of the Card related to receipt of their invitation;
4.1.2Commission is only paid for one (1) Card per new User, being the first (1st) Card that the new User purchases upon registering as a result of being invited. If a person or E-mail address is blocked or denied, by TWLV for whatever reason, no Commission is payable. Once registered a User becomes active and is a Win Partner. Commission for Win Partners will only be paid once.
4.1.3Commission is distributed to the Users Free Play Account and can only be used to buy new Cards. Commission cannot be transferred to the Real Money Account, and therefore cannot be withdrawn by the User.

4.2 The Bonus

4.2.1The Bonus is the amount that is awarded to a User if the Win Partners designated to this User win Prizes, there is no Bonus awarded on Jackpot Prizes. The Bonus amount is a percentage of the amount (Prize) that the Win Partner is awarded with. This percentage relates to the position or ranking of the Win Partner in connection to the related User. The Bonus is calculated as follows:
4.2.2An amount equalling 6% of the amount of any Prize won by a First level Win Partner (Directly Invited User or Friend);
4.2.3An amount equaling 4% of the amount of any Prize won by a Second level Win Partner (User Invited by first level Win Partner or Friend's-Friend);
4.2.4An amount equaling 2% of the amount of any Prize won by a third level Win Partner (User Invited by second level Win Partner or Friend-of-Friends-Friend).

PlayerCommission paidBonus paidBonus paidBonus paid
1st level Win Partner8.33% to User6% to User
2nd level Win Partner4% to User
3rd level Win Partner2% to User

4.2.6Bonus will be credited to the balance held for the User on the Real Money Account as soon as possible or within one working day after the relevant Bingo Game.

4.3 The Payout

4.3.1The Payout is the amount of the aggregate purchase price of the Cards in any Bingo Game after the deduction of TWLV's fees and expenses that are distributed to Users in the form of Commissions, Bonuses and Prizes.
4.3.2In the case of a User registering directly, i.e. not as a result of an invitation from another User, Commission and Bonus cannot be assigned to another User (Win Partner). In these cases, the Commission and Bonus are distributed to the Jackpot sum. (For more information see The Jackpot).
4.3.3After the final Bingo Games of each calendar year (in December) exact Payout rates are published on the Website. This percentage can vary but is always a percentage between approximately 62% and 70% of the turnover.

4.4 The Jackpot

4.4.1When a User Register's directly, not as a result of an invitation, Commission and Bonus are diverted to a Jackpot sum. 50% of the total Jackpot sum will be distributed to a designated Charity. The remaining 50% of the Jackpot sum is The Jackpot Prize; The Jackpot Bingo Game Event is at least once a year whereby the participating Card numbers are all the Regional Card numbers sold (playing) during the twelve (12) months prior to the Bingo Games.
4.4.2Distribution of amounts won in the Jackpot Bingo Games is made directly after each Bingo Game.
4.4.3Jackpot Prizes do not result in Bonuses for Win Partners.
4.4.4The Charity chosen to receive the donation from the Jackpot is announced on the Website 12 months prior to the date and time of the Jackpot Bingo Game Event.

4.5 Value of the Prize funds

4.5.1The final amount (or value) of a Prize fund depends on the number of purchased Cards allocated to the respective Prize funds. The exact value of all the Prize funds: Regional, Continental, World and the Jackpot, is displayed on the Website at all times. The value is updated immediately after each successful purchase transaction. The allocation and distribution to a Prize fund ends twelve (12) minutes before each Bingo Game Event. From this point allocations and distributions are made to the next related Bingo Game Event.
4.5.2The value of a Prize fund is calculated and displayed in GBP. If a User chooses a display currency other than GBP (via the settings in the User's User Account) variations in the values displayed on the Website may occur due to exchange rate variations. TWLV cannot be held responsible for fluctuations and differences occurring in the displayed values caused by currency conversion.
4.5.3The final Value of a Prize fund is determined and set 12 minutes prior to the Bingo Game Event, coinciding with the termination of Cards purchased and designated for the Prize fund. The amount at that time will be frozen and displayed as the final Prize fund value on the Website.
4.5.4Based on historical information, trends and growth expectations, TWLV may give estimated values of Prize funds for future Bingo Games. When this is displayed or communicated it will always be clearly stated that it is an estimate.
4.5.5TWLV is not responsible for discrepancies in the calculation of all amounts and percentages, in previous and coming articles, that are a result of rounding and or currency fluctuations, differences in calculations and valuations concerning prices, Commissions, Bonuses and others.
4.5.6TWLV reserves the right to make adjustments to the allocation and distribution of amounts and percentages, not affecting the total of the Return and Payout. If applicable, TWLV will effectuate timely publication and communication. If changes are proposed that affect Cards already purchased prior authorization will be requested from the User.

4.6 Bingo Game Event dates and times

4.6.1All Regional, Continental and World Bingo Game Events are organized on fixed dates and times set at least one year (12 months) ahead. The Website indicates exactly on which date and at which time each Bingo Game Event will be executed. This data can be found on the calendar and on other chapters of the Website.
4.6.2As a result of various time zones in different countries, Regions and continents, dates and times of Bingo Game Events may differ from each other. The User needs to verify the exact date and real time of each Bingo Game Event relating to their own current position and time on the Website.
4.6.3As the standard time TWLV uses GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

4.7 Invite friends

4.7.1Each Card (Regional-, Continental-and World Cards) gives the User the right to invite twelve (12) new Friends to participate in the TWLV Bingo Games.
4.7.2This can be realized by entering twelve (12) unique E-mail Addresses, in the E-mail list related to the Card concerned, on the Website, and clicking the "INVITE" button. The list must be completed within 12 days after purchasing the related Card (or in case of complimentary Continental or World Cards within 12 days after purchase of the related Regional Cards). The invitation list does not have to be completed in one visit; Users may enter E- mail addresses at any time within the 12-day period.
4.7.3E-mail addresses of invited persons will not be used as part of an E-mail data-base for marketing purposes or ad hoc surveys, nor will they be sold to third parties for any use.
4.7.4If an entered E-mail Address is already associated with a pending invitation from another User or if the invited Friend is already a registered (active) User with this E-mail Address attached to their Users registration, or with another E-mail Address, this E-mail Address is refused, which allows the User to invite another Friend using another E-mail Address. Users will be notified if an E-mail address is refused after submitting E-mail Addresses for invitation (i.e. after clicking the "INVITE" button).
4.7.5The invited Friends (with accepted E-mail Addresses) will receive an invitation to register and play via an E-mail including brief tutorial about the TWLV Bingo Games. A link in the E-mail will direct them to the Website and Registration form.
4.7.6The Invited Friends who accept the invitation and become active Users (by purchasing at least one (1) Card), within twelve (12) days of the Users successful purchase transaction (or in the case of complimentary Continental or World Cards within 12 days after purchase of the related Regional Cards), will be connected to You as a Win Partner. You will be awarded a Commission and will receive a Bonus on any future Prizes won by them.
4.7.7You can access a list of all your Card numbers as well as any pending invitations and status of the invited Friends via the Website.
4.7.8During the allocated acceptance period of twelve (12) days, invited Friends (pending invitations) cannot be invited by other Users. After the twelve (12) day period the invited Friends who did not register are free to be invited by other Users.
4.7.9Once entered and accepted an E-mail Address (sent invitation) cannot be changed for another E mail Address.
4.7.10Each User is solely responsible for the correctness of the E-mail Addresses entered. The User must be aware that in order for their Friend to become a Win Partner the Friend needs to complete a full registration, and meet all the Terms and Conditions of TWLV, for example related to age (minimum of 18 years old) and other verifications. TWLV will not correspond on the acceptance or non-acceptance of (invited) Friends or other Users.
4.7.11You can choose to send an E-mail invitation anonymously or indicating You as the (inviting) sender by ticking the appropriate box behind the E-mail Address entered. For privacy reasons the acceptance by the invited Friend will only be made known to the User.
4.7.12E-mail addresses will never be used or shown or sold to third parties.
4.7.13The Card numbers purchased by invited Friends that have become Win Partners will be added to your Win Partner list, showing awarded Commissions and any awarded Bonuses.

4.8 Win Partners

4.8.11st level Win Partner (Directly Invited User or Friend);
4.8.2Invited Friends who accept the invitation and complete registration (under the Terms and Conditions set by TWLV), including the purchase of at least one (1) Card, within 12 days after the purchase of the initial Card, become a Win Partner first in line (Directly Invited User or Friend);
4.8.3The User who invited this new User is entitled to 12% Commission on the purchase of the first Card connected to this new User's registration (see also The Commission), and to a Bonus at a value of 6% of the new User's future Prizes (see also The Bonus).
4.8.42nd level Win Partner (Indirectly Invited User by Win Partner first in line or Friend's-Friend);
4.8.5The by the User's Win Partner's first in-line invited Friends who accept the invitation and complete registration (under the by TWLV set Terms and Conditions), including the purchase of at least one (1) Card, within 12 days after the purchase of the initial Card, become Win Partner's second (2nd) in line (Indirectly Invited User by Win Partner first in line or Friend's-Friend);
4.8.6The User who invited the User who invited this new User is entitled to a Bonus at a value of 4% of Users future Prizes (see also The Bonus).
4.8.73rd level Win Partner (Indirectly Invited User by Win Partner second in-line or Friend-of-Friends-Friend);
4.8.8The Win Partner's second in-line invited Friends who accept the invitation and complete registration (under the by TWLV set Terms and Conditions), including the purchase of at least one (1) Card, within 12 days after the purchase of the initial Card, become a Win Partner third in-line (Indirectly Invited User by Win Partner second in-line or Friend-of-Friends-Friend);
4.8.9The User who invited the User who invited the User who invited this new User is entitled to a Bonus at a value of 2% of his/her future Prizes (see also The Bonus);
4.8.10The Bonus applies only to Win Partner's Prizes on all Cards purchased or assigned within the aforementioned 12-day period after the first User's purchase of the initial Card (see also The Bonus).
4.8.11A Win Partner is always a registered User, and has always registered later than the inviting User they are connected to.

4.9 Use of E-mail Addresses

4.9.1E-mail address; once a User has successfully completed registration their E-mail Address is linked to their personal data. A User can only register once. If a User has multiple E-mail Addresses he may indicate this when and if an invitation is received via a different E-mail Address than the one used for registration. The User can then add this E-mail Address to their User Account so that it is blocked for future invitations.
4.9.2Legality; Before a Friend's E-mail Address is added to the invitation list the User must be assured that the person invited is over 18 years old and can legally play the Service offered by TWLV from within the jurisdiction in which the invitee is resides. If participation turns out to be illegal or the person cannot complete registration because the invitee cannot meet one or more other provisions of the TWLV Terms and Conditions the invitee will not be added as a Win Partner. The connected E-mail Address cannot be (ex) changed in the invitation list. No Commission or Bonus is granted.
4.9.3If an invited Friend is already registered under a different E-mail Address, the invited Friend will not be added as a Win Partner. The connected E-mail Address cannot be changed in the invitation list. No Commission or Bonus is granted.
4.9.4E-mail Addresses can be used for commercial, promotional or informational purposes by TWLV. User Account details are not given or sold to third parties without the express permission of the individual.

5 Results of TWLV Bingo Games

5.1 Publication of prizes

5.1.1Pot info; The Website displays the Regional-, Continental-, World- and Jackpot Bingo Game Events, the date and time of their Bingo Game Events, their real-time value, and their actual designated number of Cards. All information is available for at least 12 subsequent months.
5.1.2Live (real-time) Bingo Games; all Bingo Games will be conducted live on the Website. The Winning numbers are announced and published on the Website directly after each Bingo Game.
5.1.3Payment of Prizes; Prizes and Bonuses are directly (and at the latest within one (1) working day after the related Bingo Game and publication of the Prizes) credited to the Real Money Account of the winning User(s).

5.2 Historical information

5.2.1The Website will display all historical Prizes including a list of Games won and their related Prizes for at least the twelve (12) previous months at all times. Each User can, when logged in, visit the statistics in the Users User Account (My TWLV) which includes the following information:
5.2.2History of the User's Prizes and those of connected Win Partners Cards;
5.2.3List of User's and connected Win Partner's Cards still valid for future Bingo Game Events;
5.2.4Older information can be requested contacting the costumer service team via 'Contact' on the website.

5.3 Postponement or cancellation of any Bingo Game

5.3.1Bingo Games will only be cancelled in the situation described in 2.12 of this Agreement. If for any reason there is an interruption in the communication between the User and the TWLV server, by power loss, loss of connection or otherwise, the Bingo Game will still take place and the results can be confirmed by the User as soon as connection is restored.
5.3.2If for any reason there is an interruption in the actual Bingo Game on the TWLV server, by loss of power, DDOS attack, loss of connection or any other reason, the affected Bingo Game(s) will be postponed and executed as soon as the connection is restored or the relevant problem resolved. Users and relating Cards will lose no rights to these Bingo Games or related Prizes awarded.

6 Final Provisions

6.1 Applicable law

6.1.1This Agreement, and all its related matters, are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Isle of Man. Each party irrevocably agrees that the relevant court on the Isle of Man will have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any claim, dispute or disagreement concerning this Agreement and all related matters, and each party irrevocably waives any right they may have to object to proceedings brought there and waives the right to protest against the Judge or its power and competence in this jurisdiction.

6.2 Void Provisions

6.2.1If any provision of this Agreement is or becomes, in any jurisdiction, in contravention with the law, or is or becomes invalid or unenforceable, then this has no affect on the validity or enforceability in that jurisdiction of any other provision of this Agreement, or the validity or enforceability in other jurisdictions, of that or any other provision of this Agreement, without prejudice.

6.3 Notification

6.3.1All disputes, claims, reclamations or questions about Terms and Conditions or their implications, must be sent to our customer service department by E-mail or by post. Contact details can be found on the Website.
6.3.2The User must clearly identify themselves in all notifications and a daytime contact telephone number and valid E-mail address must be appended.
6.3.3All notifications will be analyzed and distributed to the relevant department within TWLV, where they will be processed. Users will, depending on the matter concerned, be answered within six weeks.
6.3.4Erroneous pricing, mistakes or omissions made by TWLV and communicated on the Website or by means of advertisement, promotions or marketing can be reversed and or changed as soon as they are identified. If the difference, erroneous pricing, mistake or omission is obvious and could have been clearly noticed by the User as wrong (within reasonable doubt), it is considered their own responsibility and risk, and no reclamation relating this matter will be accepted. In all other cases, the relevant department of TWLV will treat any reclamation with common sense.

6.4 Assignment

6.4.1TWLV reserves the right to assign, transfer or novate any or all of this Agreement at any time without prior notice in whole or in part. The User is not allowed to assign, transfer or novate any of its rights or obligations under this Agreement.

6.5 Other provisions

6.5.1If TWLV waives any breach of any provision of this Agreement (including TWLV not requiring that a provision of this Agreement strictly and literally be performed or observed), then this should in no way be construed as a statement of distance with respect to any subsequent breach of that provision or to the failure of any other provision of this Agreement.
6.5.2Nothing in this Agreement shall create or add any rights or benefits to third persons/parties not being a party to this Agreement.
6.5.3Nothing in this Agreement creates or is deemed to result in a partnership, agency relationship, trust arrangement, fiduciary relationship or joint venture between you and us.
6.5.4This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding and agreement between you and us regarding the Service, and supersedes all prior agreements, understandings and/or arrangements between you and us.
6.5.5User must provide full and reliable information in relation to all requests by TWLV for data and information relating to the use of the Service, which is always subject to the terms of the Privacy Policy.
6.5.6In case of conflict between the English version of this agreement and translations into other languages, the English version is binding.

7 Privacy Policy

Your privacy on the Internet is very important to us. We strive to treat the personal information we collect with utmost confidentiality. You can play TWLV Games with confidence, because we protect the Website and TWLV Games using first class software, hardware, and the latest protection tech-niques, methods and procedures.

The purpose of this Policy is to inform you about how your personal information is collected, stored, used and protected, and also to inform you about your rights regarding that information.

7.1 What information is collected and for what purpose?

During the process of registration and the opening of a TWLV User Account, we ask that you send us personal information, including your name, mailing address, E-mail address, Password, and your date of birth. We need your date of birth to verify that you are at least 18 years or older (depending on the legal gambling age in the country you reside in).

We will use your personal data to confirm identity for various financial transactions and procedural verifications, to inform you from time to time of events and news, and for our customer service. If you no longer wish to receive newsletters, you can unsubscribe to them following instructions in the newsletter.

It is important that you register under your true name and identity. It is also fundamental that any other personal information recorded in your User Account is accurate and valid, because this data will be used to validate financial transactions, and is used for purposes mentioned earlier. Users can change their personal information at all times via the "User Account" (My TWLV) on the Website, after logging in using their private Username and Password.

7.2 Deposits and withdrawals

Users must be able to complete a deposit or money transfer transaction in order to purchase Cards on the Website. In order to do so the User must provide information (e.g. a credit card number). This information will be utilized, in combination with your other personal information, for the validation and settlement of financial transactions performed by this User. Withdrawals are limited to a minimum amount of the price of one (1) Card in the User's Account Currency.

7.3 Confidentiality

TWLV is committed to protect the confidentiality of the identity and other information collected from individual Users, and will not knowingly allow anyone to access this information other than the User themselves or under the conditions described in this Privacy Policy.

TWLV has invested substantially in servers, database, backup and firewalls to protect the data col-lected by TWLV. The techniques used are first-class protection tools. TWLV uses strictly controlled data centres with premium protection measures such as DDOS protection.

We also recommend you personally protect your own data as carefully as possible. Your TWLV Password is confidential and should be kept private. Choose and store your Password so that nobody can detect it.

7.4 Limits of Confidentiality

Legal obligations for inspection; due to enforcing laws and regulations TWLV may under certain circumstances be obliged to disclose Users personal information.

Also we can, as permitted by you on agreeing to this Agreement of the TWLV Website, grant your User Information; name, address, city, zip code, country, phone number, E-mail address and compa-ny name, to third parties if we have good reason to believe that this is necessary or appropriate in connection with an investigation of fraud, intellectual property infringement, piracy or other illegal activities and activities for which we may be held liable.

7.5 Who receives your information?

Besides meeting the possible legal requirements as addressed in paragraph 4 above, we may grant your personal information to our employees, or employees of other companies related or affiliated to TWLV and third party service providers that will use your personal information to provide services related to you as a User with TWLV. All recipients of your personal data are equally bound by the same rules applicable to the protection and confidentiality of your personal data that TWLV is bound by.

7.6 Your rights regarding your information

Our goal is always to keep your data records as accurate as possible. You can contact us at any time to revise your data, modify data, or receive a copy of your data records, or get your data adjusted or corrected in accordance with your rights under the Data Protection Act 2001. If you have questions about your personal information please E-mail us via the information provided under "contact" on the Website and/or by the E-mail address published on the Website. In some cases, we may ask you for a small fee to cover the administrative cost of your request(s).

7.7 Cookies

We can give you a temporary 'cookie' when you visit the Website. A cookie is a small text file that is placed in the cookie folder of your computer so that we can remember your previous visits and preferences when you return to our Website. We may use the information from the cookie to update our information about your use of our Website. You are not obliged to accept the cookie from us and you have the ability to accept cookies or reject them via the settings in your browser.

7.8 Accepting the Privacy Policy

If you open a User Account by completing a registration at TWLV, you agree to the terms of this Pri-vacy Policy. We may amend or update this Privacy Policy occasionally and we therefore encourage you to read it at regular intervals. Continued use of the Services of TWLV confirms your consent to this Privacy Policy and any update or change therein. Our general Terms and Conditions prevail in case of a conflict with a provision in this Privacy Policy.

7.9 Who are we?

TWLV Gaming Limited, First Floor, Millenium House, Victoria Road, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM2 4RW E-mail address: info@twlv.com

8 Inactive User fees

The Inactive User Fee

GBP 5.00 *

If a User, for whom TWLV holds a balance on a Real Money Account, no longer actively plays for a mini-mum period of 90 days the User will receive an E-mail notification. The User can then indicate whether they wish to continue playing as an inactive User or change his status to inactive User. TWLV is allowed to charge inactive registered Users a monthly fee, known as "the Inactive User Fee", which is an amount equal to 5 GBP per month. If the User's balance is insufficient TWLV reserves the right to lapse registration.

9 Appendix

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PlayerCommission paidBonus paidBonus paidBonus paid
1st level Win Partner12% to User6% to User
2nd level Win Partner4% to User
3rd level Win Partner2% to User

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