Play Tips

There are various ways to enhance your gameplay, we've summed a few up below for inspiration.

Create a (larger)Win Partner network

  • Inviting friends that have an active social network behaviour, a large friend pool, or an international network, might lead to larger base of 2nd and 3rd level Win Partners. This directly gives you a higher chance on bonuses;
  • Actively motivate your invited friends to register, give them a call, and explain how the game works. The sooner they do register, the higher the change that their invited friends, and their friends as well, will register within your 12 day period, becoming Win Partners in your network.
  • Choose friends that have access to other friend pools than your most common one. This will enlarge the chance that they aren't already invited and Win Partner of someone else in your network.
  • If more friends register this also gives you free-play funds to buy new tickets and again invite more friends for your Win Partner network.

Buy more tickets

Buying 4 tickets gives you a complimentary ticket for the continental event of your choice, and buying 16 tickets gives you a complimentary ticket for the world event. The win-chances for these pots are in general much higher than the regional pots, as less people play for them. Check on the website the value of the pots and the number of tickets playing for the next event! Buying more tickets gives you also more rights to invite friends and hereby create a larger Win Partner-network creating more chance to win a bonus.

Pot choice

The pot you choose can affect the odds as well. As each pot awards 60 prizes, and pays out the full 100%, the higher the pot the higher each individual price. However, the less tickets playing (lower pots) the higher the win-chance. If you play with more tickets you may decide to vary your game-play and do both.

Claim first

During the Bingo Game Events the pots are divided over 60 prizes. Each prize is awarded by a Bingo Game. When on auto-play your prize will automatically be claimed after 12 minutes when you get a full match of numbers on your matrix. When more players have a match, and they are on auto-play as well, the claims will result in a new Bingo Game awarding 1 winner finally. First claim wins, so witnessing the actual Bingo Game live, and claiming your win directly (manually) when you have a full match of numbers on you matrix might give you an advantage when more users win simultaneously.

Be first of TWLV!

If you decide to play with more tickets, buy them as soon as possible, as your network of friends will soon be covered with invitations of your other friends. If you are the first, you will be on top of the tree of Win Partners, and probably on top of the tree of winners as well.

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